3 Effective Ways On How To Stop Dogs Escaping From Crates

Dogs are well known for their adventurous nature. Especially those that are kept in the crates, they are sometimes very difficult to handle. They mostly have that anxious look to get out and go and explore, as well as meet their fellow dogs. Sometimes they develop tricky tactics such as chewing their refraining crates as well as digging up holes in the crates so that they can escape.

That is why it is important for us to check on the solution ways on how to ensure that dogs remain in the crates always until you open their cage.

Below are some of the preferable tactics on how to stop dogs escaping from crates:

1. Giving Them Company During Their Exercising Adventure

This is one of the important ways on how to keep your dogs in the crates. It is very important for you as the owner of the dogs to bridge a close relationship with them. This can be in form of taking them on a hunting exercise, bathing exercise as well taking them with you on most occasions. This makes the dogs to feel cared for and to avoid running away.

It is very important for you as the owner of the dogs to learn what your dogs like and how to keep them entertained on most occasions. This will prevent them from suffering from boredom. By doing so you can at least curb the problem of them running away.

2. Investing On Strong And Well Built Crates

The nature and quality of your crates are one of the most important factors to consider as far as keeping dogs safe in their cage. It is necessary to make sure that you buy high-quality crates which can withstand the scratching of the dogs. It is good to ensure that you select an inescapable dog cage that is built with a very solid metal which is unbreakable.

Ensure that you buy crates which are big in size to allow dogs to move freely at all times. Though buying strong and well-built crates may cost you a fortune, it is worth it. This is because it can last for many years before getting damaged and destroyed. Avoid buying cheap crates, since they are useless and dogs can easily break through anytime.

This is because most of them are made of a weak material, thus making it easier for them to find their way out.

3. Playing And Feeding Them Properly

Dogs like being shown love and care at all times, especially if you keep them in the crates. This is because dogs have the tendency of developing emotions. This means that they are social beings and love to be pampered as well as to be loved. Thus, it is important for you to make them your friends and play with them especially when they are out of the crates.

This makes them recognize you and feel safe to be in their crates at all times as they wait for another happy playing day. Also, ensure that your dogs are well fed at all times to prevent them from running away. This is because hungry dogs can easily be tempted to break out in order for them to get a satisfying meal.

By employing this tactic you will definitely stop your pets from escaping from crates.

It is very important for the dog owners to implement the above ways on how to stop their dogs from escaping from crates. This is because they will get positive results and the dogs will learn to stay in their crates without escaping.