Thailand Travel Tips

If Thailand is more and more visited, it is still a country with a complex personality and culture diametrically opposed to what we are used to. How then should you prepare for a first trip to the land of smiles? Follow our advice to avoid unpleasant surprises and to discover this beautiful country.

6 Tips for the first trip to Thailand

thai1. Eat in markets and street stalls to discover real Thai cuisine.

2. Take local transport: they are cheap and are a great way to rub shoulders with locals.

3. Rent a bike to visit a city or neighborhood.

4. Learn some Thai expressions; always keep smiling.

5. Avoid scams: selling gems in Bangkok, exaggerated transport prices, unreliable tailors.

6. Learn the rules of bargaining.

Which outfit is the most suitable in Thailand?

Of loose, light clothing is the most appropriate clothing to face the tropical heat. Also, plan a jacket that will serve as a raincoat and can keep you warm at altitude or in air-conditioned buses. To visit temples, wear clothes covering your arms up to your elbows and your legs up to your knees. Bring an elegant outfit to go out to a nightclub in Bangkok or dine at a posh restaurant in Phuket.

Where to sleep in Thailand?

To leave with peace of mind, reserve a room for the day of your arrival; then you can improvise. It is more difficult to find accommodation in high season or during certain holiday periods. There are many types of accommodation. You could even get lucky and find a local to share a room with.

Practical information regarding money

Most businesses only accept cash. Credit cards are accepted in higher category establishments.
ATMs are installed everywhere, but a charge of 150 B is applied for all withdrawals made by foreign cards, in addition to the charges provided by your bank. In most ATMs, 20 000 B (outlays for about a week) can be withdrawn.

Haggling in Thailand

When prices are not indicated, it is possible to haggle. Ask for the price, then ask for a discount, make an offer and accept what we offer you in return. Always keep smiling and do not negotiate if you do not want to buy.